Survey: Together We Create

Hey everyone!

I want to thank you for visiting this site and running strong with us. Its been a year but my final child is here and ACTIVE and I’m ready to get back into what God purposed me for. There have been a few changes to my current routine (due to the stay home order) that has given me tons of time to be happy. That’s right, impending doom is hanging above our heads but to be quite honest I’m too busy realigning with my goals to even notice. This has been a pretty good time for me. I pray that you all are able to do the same. We can get through this as a community.

Speaking of community I have a request. This is a weird one but I can’t think of another way to go about doing this. I’m praying you guys participate and that it isn’t too much of a hassle. After meeting with my board a couple of weeks ago we decided to get back to what brought me here to begin with. So here is my chance to learn about yourself and your household so that I can better tailor Little Girls Big Dreams to fit your needs. I have an email database that I can pull from and will do that as well but if I do not have your email address and you are interested in your daughter being apart of Little Girls Big Dreams, I ask that you to provide your email below this. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. Thanks so much for you participation.

Photo by Juan Marin on Unsplash

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