Social Media is Cancelled

Happy Hump Day!

So, my 11 year old mini me, got an iPhone for Christmas from her uncle. We never asked for this but since he was sweet enough to get it we thought why not let her have her fun. We all decided (blended family: mom, step mom, dad, step dad) that we would only let her operate it on Wifi, therefore we don’t receive a bill, and we can lessen how much she uses it.

Well, needless to say my little munchkin turned into a zombie, not wanting to leave the house, come out of her room or even hold a decent conversation with us. This, among other things, caused us to take the phone from her and I am so happy that we did it. Sure, kids need their freedom, but I don’t want an 11 year old that’s glued to her phone, heck, I’m a 34 year old trying to kick the habit myself. I am so glad that we made this decision because since removing the phone she has held FULL conversations with me, we’ve watched a couple of shows together without either of us reaching for a phone, we even made brownies as a family just last night (see above picture).

This has taught me so much about myself, I think I have too much freedom on my phone as well, and I’ve made it a point to put it down and pick up a book, a conversation, a pen, a laptop (to blog of course), and do something…ANYTHING beneficial and constructive. Each day as a mom I learn something new about myself and my children and I’m so thankful to be the one getting those lessons. I don’t ever want Riley, or BJ to seek validation from a 6 inch screen that is basically only the highlight reel of peoples actual lives. I want them to create their own lives outside of a telescope of what other people think. Will she get the phone back? I really don’t know because I missed her when she was on it, and I know that sounds selfish and possibly even old fashioned but I want her to be present with me. So, we will see.


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