Dream-Chasers Event Details

Hola Dreamers!

I hope this finds you well. So, we are finally having our very first event for Little Girls Big Dreams ( I know right, try to contain your composure). This is our first event,as stated above, and I am so anxious, excited, in awe, and overall oozing with anticipation for what is to come. Below are a few details.

Place: Kansas City Public Library (Plaza Branch)

Secret about me, I love libraries. The Plaza Library is one of my favorites along with the downtown library. I love books, I fly through them like a crazy person and then I’m completely angry with myself for getting finished so fast. I have an intense love affair with books so this is the perfect place for my first event.


Date & Time: August 5, 2017 @ 3:30pm


We have a few things in store, but alas, I cannot reveal it all here. I will, however,  introduce the you lovelies to the panelists, I am so pleased to be working with these ladies in this event. They are true beacons of light and I can’t wait for them to share with the girls how they came to be and what obstacles they may have faced getting there. Get to know them below:

IMG_0497FullSizeRender (2)IMG_0522IMG_0525


3 thoughts on “Dream-Chasers Event Details

  1. What wonderful messages! I especially agree with little girls become what they see. The day my niece was playing on her “pretend” phone and told her uncle that everyone on Facebook was laughing at his picture I was shocked. It was the first time I actually witnessed this concept!


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