Make Lemonade!

Hey dreamers!

We are so excited to get you where you need to be on the journey of life. But first we have to heal some things. A lot of us are introduced to pain at a young age, and it stunts our growth, The pain that we felt at 7, 10, 12, 15, etc still resonates with some of us. We carry it around like a backpack pretending it isn’t there.

It doesn’t take long for us to learn that life is not a fair + easy journey. Its riddled with thorns, cracks, sticks, rocks, and other unseen obstacles that cause us to stumble along the way.  Remember, that you are not in this alone, everyone is going through something, we all just make the best of it.

When life hands you lemons…make lemonade.

Cliche’, I’m aware, but true nonetheless. Intense focus on problems that are out of your control will not make them go away. In fact we don’t have as much control over the things that we think we do. Everything we go through, everything that is placed in front of us is a lesson. There are no losses, no feeling sorry for yourself, no beating yourself up, its merely a lesson that will only come back over and over again until we learn from it. While we are in that lesson, while we have those lemons in hand we should do our BEST to make them sweet. We should look forward to the other side of the storm where we can say, we made it through. I am not an advocate of wallowing in pain, things hurt, why hold on to them? Release toxic relationships, learn from them, forgive and move on. Its so important to your growth, ignoring it will not make it go away. Deal with it, whatever that looks like for you and go on to live the rest of your life.  Use the lemons for something better….



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