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Hey everyone!

I want to thank you for visiting this site and running strong with us. Its been a year but my final child is here and ACTIVE and I’m ready to get back into what God purposed me for. There have been a few changes to my current routine (due to the stay home order) that has given me tons of time to be happy. That’s right, impending doom is hanging above our heads but to be quite honest I’m too busy realigning with my goals to even notice. This has been a pretty good time for me. I pray that you all are able to do the same. We can get through this as a community.

Speaking of community I have a request. This is a weird one but I can’t think of another way to go about doing this. I’m praying you guys participate and that it isn’t too much of a hassle. After meeting with my board a couple of weeks ago we decided to get back to what brought me here to begin with. So here is my chance to learn about yourself and your household so that I can better tailor Little Girls Big Dreams to fit your needs. I have an email database that I can pull from and will do that as well but if I do not have your email address and you are interested in your daughter being apart of Little Girls Big Dreams, I ask that you to provide your email below this. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. Thanks so much for you participation.

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Tween Skincare

Do you guys remember being 11, 12, 13? I certainly do. Puberty hit, I didn’t know what to do with my body, I just knew it was changing, didn’t know what to do with my hair, just knew I didn’t want my mom doing it, and finally I had no idea what to do with my skin, just that I HATED it all of a sudden.

Though I was not able to remedy the body and hair issues for our young ladies (yet), we took the time this weekend to work with a couple of professionals in the skin arena, and it was as amazing as it sounds. We discussed what we loved about our skin, what we thought we had problems with, our diet, and the importance of a regimen, all things I wish I would have known at the age of 11.

I am so thankful to Christina Williams of Posh Restoration Facilities, located here in the heart of Kansas City, she really took her time with the girls, and she made learning fun. I learned so much myself, so I know the girls did too. Sometimes we, as parents, are not equipped with the tools that are needed to help our daughters through certain stages. Acknowledging that and seeking help from others is a pillar in the Little Girls Big Dreams model. I look forward to working with other women in KC to bring this vision to light.

Thank you for entrusting me with your girls!!!


Private Beauty Party!

When: March 23, 2019 3pm to 5pm

Where: Posh Restoration Facilities
809 W. 39th St #160 Kansas City, MO 64111

What: This is a skincare workshop hosted by Little Girls Big Dreams in partnership with Posh Restoration Facilities. PRF is a plant based, all natural skin and hair care salon, they specialize in all things natural with no added ingredients that we can barely pronounce.

Why: I have a daughter who is DIVING into puberty, and though she does not necessarily have problem skin, she could use a tip or two. After meeting with Ms. Christina Williams, and other moms throughout the city I decided that it would be an awesome idea to host a workshop that gives our “tweens” some tips on proper skincare.

Cost: FREE FREE FREE! I just ask that you RSVP as space is extremely limited. Tickets will become available on March 8th at noon and will go FAST. Please only reserve a ticket if you are serious about coming.

Details: The workshop will be led by Christina Williams, she will discuss proper skincare techniques, the importance of diet, and the girls will also be able to create their very own face masks to take home. This is for girls ages 11-14. I ask that mothers attend with their daughters so that you can get firsthand information as well as meet other moms and bond. (That’s what we’re all about!)

To stay up to date please follow Little Girls Big Dreams on Facebook and @littlegirlsbigdreamskc on Instagram. If you have any questions leave them below, contact us via email, or shoot us a DM. I look forward to seeing you there!


Social Media is Cancelled

Happy Hump Day!

So, my 11 year old mini me, got an iPhone for Christmas from her uncle. We never asked for this but since he was sweet enough to get it we thought why not let her have her fun. We all decided (blended family: mom, step mom, dad, step dad) that we would only let her operate it on Wifi, therefore we don’t receive a bill, and we can lessen how much she uses it.

Well, needless to say my little munchkin turned into a zombie, not wanting to leave the house, come out of her room or even hold a decent conversation with us. This, among other things, caused us to take the phone from her and I am so happy that we did it. Sure, kids need their freedom, but I don’t want an 11 year old that’s glued to her phone, heck, I’m a 34 year old trying to kick the habit myself. I am so glad that we made this decision because since removing the phone she has held FULL conversations with me, we’ve watched a couple of shows together without either of us reaching for a phone, we even made brownies as a family just last night (see above picture).

This has taught me so much about myself, I think I have too much freedom on my phone as well, and I’ve made it a point to put it down and pick up a book, a conversation, a pen, a laptop (to blog of course), and do something…ANYTHING beneficial and constructive. Each day as a mom I learn something new about myself and my children and I’m so thankful to be the one getting those lessons. I don’t ever want Riley, or BJ to seek validation from a 6 inch screen that is basically only the highlight reel of peoples actual lives. I want them to create their own lives outside of a telescope of what other people think. Will she get the phone back? I really don’t know because I missed her when she was on it, and I know that sounds selfish and possibly even old fashioned but I want her to be present with me. So, we will see.


2019: Commitment

Hey y’all!

OMG in less than 24 hours we will be bring in 2019, where did the time go? Did I meet all of my goals? What were my goals? Did I travel enough? Did I make new friends? Did my business thrive? I don’t have the answers to these questions, because I don’t take inventory of my life that way, I honestly like to just live. What I do know, and DO have the answer to is that right now in the moment, sitting in the middle of my king sized bed, preparing to watch “Breaking In”, with a bouncing baby boy in my belly, just coming off of a phone call with one of my best friends , is that I am happy. I am content, in a good way, when it comes to the way that 2018 is coming to a close and I hope you guys are too.

The word for 2019 is commitment, and I just came up with that about two hours ago. Another non profit friend of mine (Janay of Activate Your Evolution) shared with me a video about commitment, and how its easy to like the idea of something without considering the work that’s needed when executing this idea, and that spoke to me. Little Girls Big Dreams was a DOPE idea to me, in 2017 so I moved forward with starting my first NPO without considering the hard work, dedication, time, and passion it took to push through with it. Having learned these things all of 2018, I am convinced that 2019 will be even better and I am committed to doing the work that it takes to get Little Girls Big Dreams wherever God intended it to go when he put it on my mind.

Thanks for rocking with me thus far, I’ve met some wonderful people who just want to genuinely help and I am proud to take you into the New Year with me.

God Bless


Equity in Education

Happy Sunday folks!

These past couple of weeks have been so enlightening, with the year coming to a close its a great time of reflection in preparation for action. I am blessed to be apart of another non profit organization here in Lees Summit called “Suburban Balance”. I have not been as active as I would like this past year but I was able to make it to an educational forum the founder hosted about the Lees Summit School District, which both of my children are apart of.  This forum was so eye opening and caused me to want to be more involved in what and how my children are being taught as well as being disciplined. 

It’s so easy as a parent to be all trusting with your kids when it comes to school. Teachers are some of the greatest people I know, selfless and patient, so why not trust that your children are learning what they need to learn throughout the school day and are getting disciplined properly when they step out of line. Its an easy thing to believe and for the most part that is whats happening, but not 100% of the time. As parents of brown children, we need to take a more in depth look into our children’s education, we need to make sure that they are being offered all of the things that their white classmates are being offered. This is not me going on a paranoia rant, the numbers were shown to us and the education gaps are pretty wide. 

Example 1: A teenage girl, who is excelling in all of her classes, has never been told about the “gifted program”. Hasn’t even been offered college preparatory classes as have her other classmates who happen to be white.

Example 2: A young man is misbehaving in class, is told constantly to sit down but will only listen to the “black counselor” (someone who looks like him) when told to do something. To this, one of the white teachers comments “He scares me.” Knowing that she feels this way, in the future that young man’s punishment will be much harsher than his white classmate just based off of this teachers fear of him. 

Both true stories told by a parent, and a counselor at a Lees Summit high school. Both examples are brown kids. I do not get into race on this blog but that is not me denying the fact that there are differences, and when I notice them I do my best within my family life to call them out as well as share with others. Parent’s this is a call to action to you, not the school district, not the teachers, not the students. Show up for your child, go to the school board meetings, keep in constant contact with your children’s teacher, counselor, and principal. Most importantly keep an open dialog between you and your child. Ask him/her how they feel about things that go on during the school day. Make yourself present wherever and whenever you can. 

I have began work on getting Little Girls Big Dreams into school districts, be it through an after school program, or a one time visit. I want our brown children to know that we advocate for them. We care for them and want to assist the teachers in any way to close the gap. Thank you Lashawn Walker of Suburban Balance for hosting such an amazing forum. I look forward to attending more like it. 



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This week I’ve been blessed to understand the importance of collaborating. From my meeting with another non profit founder all the way to my conversations with other women who are mom’s with tweens. It is so important in life to have a network of supportive people that you can bounce ideas off of or when you just need encouragement. 

I’ve created a Little Girls Big Dreams Group on Facebook, it is a private group that is home to any mom who needs to vent, praise, or seek advice about their tween. Mostly though it is a network for prayer because I have no idea how I’m going to last as a mom without it. God places people in your life for a reason, none of us were meant to do this alone. With this group I’d like everyone to feel free to post, and comment, and communicate in the most respectful way possible of course.  Let’s just be there for one another *cue We Are the World*. My network of friends is awesome, some married, some single, some working, some stay at home, ALL valuable to my life in some way. Open up to your peers, everyone is not out to use what you tell them against you. Don’t be afraid to lean on others, this is what sisterhood is all about. 


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One Hundred “No’s!”

Hey y’all!

Don’t go off on me, I’ve been MIA due to personal life. I had to take a breather until I realized that Little Girls Big Dreams IS my personal life! Thanks for being patient with me because it has been FOREVER!

Tonight (Monday) I want to talk about this list that I have been MEANING to compose for a few months now. I have been a huge fan of The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast, it is an inspirational podcast that motivates me to do whatever it is that I need to do, be it resting or working. Check it out when you get the chance it’s available on all platforms and truly helps with the start of your week.

Anyway, the host of this podcast Jessica Lauren, did a show about something called “100 no’s” and its really quite simple. Make a list of 100 people, companies, businesses, that you want to work with…and pursue them. The point of this is to 1. NEVER GIVE UP. 2. Don’t let hearing the word “no” discourage you. I felt like this episode was for me, I do not enjoy being rejected and as soon as I am I put on my tattered super woman cape and proceed to do it all or not do it at all. This is a trait that I am not proud of, but honesty is key here on the Little Girls Big Dreams Streets.

I know that God made me resilient, I also know that He is a one day God, and that if I keep pressing forward, if I keep praying and pushing, eventually my one day will come. In this case I am referring to the dream that I see for Little Girls Big Dreams, I know that this is a passion placed on my heart by God and that it is not fair to give up on it just because I feel like my support is lacking, or because I’m getting my emails ignored, or because I’m PREGNANT (yea The Canady’s are welcoming a new addition April 2019). Resting is fine but quitting is not. So if you see me in your inbox wanting to collaborate, or asking for a donation it is because God sent me, and I refuse to give up on my purpose.

I’m baaaaccckkkk!!!!!


PS. Check out for more information about Jessica Lauren and The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast.


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Back to School Tips

School starts in exactly a month for my kiddos, and I thought I’d compile a helpful list of tips to get ready and stay successful (as a mom) for the upcoming school year.

  1. Wake up earlier than your children: It truly helps to go into my daughter and sons room fully dressed requesting that they wake up versus me yelling into their bedroom from my bed. If that means setting my alarm at 6 instead of 6:30. So be it.
  2. Prepare for the entire week: I learned this from one of my best friends, would you believe that she irons ALL of her children’s clothes for the week on Sunday night? Well, she does and each and every year I’m amazed by it. No searching for shirts, or jeans, or anything like that. It helps to know exactly what you’re wearing before morning arrives.
  3. Get to know your children’s teachers/class subjects: This will allow you to ask specific questions aside from the typical “how was your day?” or “what did you do today?”. If your kids are anything like mine they’ll have one word answers. Try something like “how was art class today? What are you working on in Mrs. Beasley’s class? What project are you looking most forward to this school year?”
  4. Go to school functions: Make space in your schedule to attend school events. This not only lets the teachers and administrative staff know that you’re involved in your child’s life, but it also lets your child know that you care enough to come up to the school without being forced to due to bad behavior.
  5. Pray: Pray with your children before school, make it a normal part of their lives. Just like us, our children run into opposition, temptation, and a host of other things on a daily basis that sometimes we have no idea that they’re dealing with. Start their day and yours with a prayer.

That’s all I have currently. If anyone has any tips that they think would be helpful feel free to leave them in the comments below. We are a community that shares, so please feel free to do so.

Until next time…


Alvin Ailey: Setting the Stage

Hey dreamers!

For those of you who have daughters who are interested in dance, Alvin Ailey is hosting a special event on February 22, 2018 at the Gem Theater. There are so many great things happening in our city and for our children, we just have to take advantage of them. Meet us at the Gem Theater @7pm as we explore our culture through dance + interactive slides. Little Girls Big Dreams is all about showing young ladies that they can BE anything that want to BE, with hard work + dedication. Ballet is no exception, so if this is a dream you would like to cultivate in your little one, this is the place for you. More information below.

FYI this is a FREE event but please go to the link below and register for the event (its best to do it from a computer.) I truly hope I see you there! It’ll be a great time. Also check out the video below, to get an idea of what you’re in for.